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The Tastic brand was established in 1961 and has lived in both the hearts and homes of South Africans ever since. Tastic Rice provides an experience that allows each of your senses to guide you through the history of your meal. They harmonise to create memories that envelop you in generational love and warmth.

The Tastic House of Rice presents consumers with a wide variety of rice variants that allows you to venture through the Tastic World of Rice, using your senses as a compass to navigate you through the memoir of each meal. Each type of Tastic Rice be it brown, white, Jasmine or sushi provides a different taste experience where the texture of the different grains whisper the secrets of their origins.
With Tastic Rice, each meal prepared allows you to welcome each rice type on stage and observe as they dance seasoned duets with ingredients from their native lands. Taste each movement, savour each step.

Submerge yourself in the Tastic Rice experience and become what you eat. Echo wisdom’s truth in every kitchen so that you too can share your experience of the only rice that cooks perfectly, every time.



JOHANNESBURG, 3 September 2020. South Africa’s most loved rice brand, Tastic, have partnered with international knitwear designer Laduma Ngxokolo, the founder of MAXHOSA Africa, this heritage month. This unique collaboration seeks to celebrate the spirit of Ubuntu and true generosity through embodying how it is entrenched in our South African heritage.

The two heavyweight brands partnered to create a limited-edition pack that is distinctively adorned by Laduma’s traditional beadwork design that aims to commemorate heritage month and the unique cultural practices expressed through food, fashion and music.

“As an African brand that speaks to not only the Xhosa people I wanted to create a special and unique design that that will serve as an expression of unity to people across multiple South African cultures” says Laduma who has captivated many global runways.

To unveil this beautiful union a star-studded launch event was held at Ethos Sandton, where guests came bearing a variety of charitable donations in the spirit of generosity. In attendance were notable industry names including Miss World Rolene Strauss, business woman Basetsana Khumalo, songstress Ntokozo Mbambo and socialite Tshepi Vundla amongst many others. It was evident that this was a night to remember as guests were treated to the sounds of Black Motion as they celebrated their ten years in the industry, with the special night hosted and MC’d by brand partner Somizi Mhlongo.

“We are very excited to embark on this journey with Laduma. This collaboration is one that is very important and close to our hearts, more especially during this period. The Tastic brand strives to be a celebrator and unifier in the wider context of South Africa. We aim to encourage the spirit of Ubuntu and propel the notion of true generosity amongst the nation and all its people” says Thembi Sehloho, Marketing Director for Rice and Pasta at Tiger Brands South Africa.

Another Tastic collaborator and no stranger to the brand on the night was Chef Nti, who specifically created a menu of Tastic dishes inspired by her own heritage. “I am because we are. In my menu curation process, I really wanted to infuse what my heritage and Ubuntu means to me as I tie it with the golden thread of true generosity through the food I prepared” she shared.

The powerhouse brands ensured that strict covid-19 guidelines rules were met and followed under level 2 regulations during the event to make certain they play their part in curbing the spread of this global pandemic.

The event followed strict Covid-19 guidelines where all necessary level 2 regulations and precautionary measures were taken to ensure a safe and socially distant event while everyone maintains their efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

Tastic and Laduma will undertake on a series of acts that will display the meaning of true generosity during the month of September. Consumers are encouraged to look out for the Tastic limited edition pack that will be available in stores nationwide, as of 14 September 2020.
Rug, auction and the proceeds that we will donated towards the education fund and Tastic’s contribution towards this. Don’t mentioned the value. This should be part of Thembi’s talking points.

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