Privacy Policy

Tastic Rice Corporation is sensitive to the privacy concerns of the visitors to its websites and recognizes that you are concerned about the information you provide us and how we treat that information. We take special care to ensure that our content is informative and we also take steps to help protect your privacy.

As a result, we developed a Privacy Policy to address your concerns and explain certain choices you can make about the manner in which your information is collected and used at our websites. Tastic Rice Corporation respects the privacy concerns of consumers and implements policies that address those concerns.

We support the following key principles:

Consumers have the right to be informed when personally identifiable information is collected and exercise choice over the use of their information.

Companies should establish privacy policies that address the collection and use of personally identifiable information, implement internal procedures to comply with the policies, and maintain the ability to measure and enforce compliance.

Policies and practices governing personally identifiable information should be tailored to the nature of the personal data being collected, with the most sensitive personal information being afforded the highest level of protection.

A business environment that promotes interactive commerce and the ability to gather information economically while respecting consumers' concerns about privacy will generate the greatest benefit for consumers and allow our industry to compete and flourish.
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