Product Range

Tastic Everyday Range

Tastic’s Everyday Range is considered your go-to long grain rices which are perfect for everyday meals – A kitchen-cupboard must haves.

  • EveryDay-WholegrainBrown
  • EveryDay-ExtraLongAromaticBasmati
  • EveryDay-LongGrainParboiled
  • EveryDay-Soft&Absorbing

Rices of the World

Rices of the World are sourced internationally and specially imported to create traditionally regional dishes.

  • ROTW_Basmati-updated
  • ROTW_Bonnet-updated
  • ROTW_Jasmine-updated
  • ROTW_Risotto-updated
  • ROTW_Sushi-updated
  • ROTW_SellaBasmati-updated

Tastic Nature's Range

Packed with nourishing vitamins, essential fibre and bran, the versatile and economical Nature's range of brown and wild rices is the healthy and nutritious meal option that the whole family enjoys.

  • Natures-BrownBasmati
  • Natures-Brown
  • Natures-Brown&Wild

Tastic Flavoured Rice Range

Tastic Flavoured Rice range is a delectable combination of the best quality parboiled rice blended with a mixture of selected spices and herbs.

  • Flavoured-CaramelisedOnion
  • Flavoured-MoroccanSpice
  • Flavoured-SauteedMushroom
  • Flavoured-SpicySpanish
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